What is the INDYcator?

The INDYcator® revolutionary safety device that will lower a company's cost in lost merchandise, lost equipment, freight claims, damage to equipment, as well as reduce injuries and possible loss of life to employees as well as customers.

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As the door opens, the INDYcator® flag starts to drop into the horizontal position, allowing the driver to see the flag from his/her rearview mirror, alerting them that the door is open. Read More


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Mailbox Door INDYcator!


Indycator for your mailbox lets you know that you have mail!


As the door opens, the INDYcator® pops up, allowing you to see the flag, alerting you that your mailbox has been opened.


Takes only minutes to install. No batteries, wiring or frequencies to falsely set off nearby units. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee and one year limited parts warranty.

Saves Time!

Don't waste time checking your mailbox to see if you have mail. Be alerted to when your mailbox has been opened. Read More  


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